Some Random Thoughts for Hump Day

It’s a rather cool 57*F (14C) out there right now. It’s downright chilly after I dunno how many days in the high 90’s. It was a nice rain last night and I’m sure both of my rain barrels are refilled.

My lawn is haunting me right now. I can’t hardly believe just how bad I let the middle yard get. It’s gonna take a lot of work to get it back to where it should be once again and I don’t think it will only be one season to fix it. Well, I guess it’s job security for me.

I started looking into what I need to do to apply for Social Security since I turn 62 this year. Applying this year makes little to no sense since I’m still working and I earn well beyond what is allowed. So, the main question is: DO I apply at 66 and 10 months or do I wait until 70? There are pros and cons for both and I’ll just hafta cross that bridge when I get there I suppose.