Five for Friday

It’s past the normal posting time for this post this week. I was a td bit busy with something for work this morning. Let’s see where the ol’ grey matter takes us this week.

  1. Part of my front yard just refuses to grow new grass for whatever reason. Well, I can be stubborn too. I’m trying something new this week to patch where the utility company screwed up my yard. We shall see what happens this time and hopefully I won’t hafta get a sod cutter and buy some sod to force my will.
  2. I love wearing my sandals once again other than the damn tiny bits of asphalt that manage to find their way between my feet and my sandals. it could be a lot worse. There could be 24″ of that nasty white stuff out there.
  3. We just didn’t get the rain that the weather ladies and dudes promised us. I think it mostly went south of us into Cheese Land. Maybe we will get some on Sunday like they are predicting. We sure could use it.
  4. The lack of rain makes me remember those long, hot Iowa summers back when I was a kid. We sure had a lot of big cracks in the ground from the heat and the lack of water. It was sure nice to play out in the rain when it finally did rain.
  5. My Havana hat died on me. Now I hafta wear ball caps until I get it replaced. I need to find a replacement fairly quick.

Bonus: New Federal holiday for us. I hafta admit that I didn’t know much about Juneteenth until I looked it up on-line last night. It will be interesting to see how this new holiday for us develops over time. I can get into it if there’s food and parades involved.

There ya have it. Feel free to comment and/or wave a vigorous “HOWDY!” on your way thru if’n you would like.