Some Random Thoughts for Thursday Morning

It’s a warm one out there this morning. I have a couple of those cooling wraps that you put around the neck to help cool you down. I’ll hafta make sure that I wear one later on when I take another walk break. I dunno why I didn’t wear one earlier since I usually wear one. Maybe I was just absent minded once again.

The gummys decided that they want to plant pumpkins this year in their raised garden bed. It will be interesting trying to grow them in a 4X4 bed but we’ll give it a go anywho. They started seeds yesterday and I just need to make sure they are kept watered while they are at home instead of staying here. I best not screw that one up.

Where’s the rain? We were supposed to get thunderstorms today. Am I once again a victim of Al Gore’s Global Warming?

This is a grilled chicken for supper day whether it rains or not. A little water isn’t gonna kill me. I wish it would shrink me a bit tho.

More later.