Five for Friday

Wow! I’m way ahead of the game today. Let’s hope it also allows the ol’ grey matter to engage as well. Let’s see ..

  1. Miss Tillie is getting to the point where she likes to keep me in sight … some times. She’s still a very independent cat and absolutely hates being held. She will cuddle but forget about holding her. I have to build here a box so she can lay in the window and watch the birds.
  2. Yesterday was a Chinese fire Drill. My work leads got all over me ‘cuz my time card was completed until the end of the pay period (next Tuesday) and “That’s against company policy.” Ok fine. Show me how to fix it which they did. Groovy. Everyone is happy now. Four hours later, “All of you have to complete your time cards thru the end of the pay period so they can be signed off. You can do it today if you want.” Wait a minute! You just deleted what you now want me to complete. This has to be a Government operation.
  3. I’m leaning towards getting a tattoo on my arm this year. God I hate needles.
  4. I’m behind in my yard work due to the heat wave here. That’s gotta end soon. Me being behind that is. I gotta get motivated and just knock it out. It is forecasted to rain today which will put me yet another day behind of it does.
  5. I have new Adirondack chairs for the fire pit. I’m thinking about putting patio tiles around it but maybe I should do that project next Spring. I’m thinking that I can pick out a tile that I like, measure it all out and then work up a bill of materials. I can pick you some tiles as the year progresses so I already have them before I actually start the work.

There ya have it. Feel free to comment and/or wave a vigorous ‘HOWDY!” on the way thru if’n you would like.

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