A Few Random Thoughts for Wednesday

My roses are doing well in this heat by not my hanging baskets. I’ve already lost one and I hopefully won’t lose my Impatiens. Lotsa watering needs to be done. I’m not sure if I want to replace the one hanging basket that I lost. I’ll have to think about it.

The Farmer’s Markets are open once again! I know where I’ll be come Saturday morning.

My garden is doing OK but it could be doing better. I think the cold weather that we had last month killed a number of young plantlings and I’ll have to replant soon. I lost one broccoli plant but the other two are doing well. Maybe the greenhouse still has some for sale. I’ll plant two more if they do.

I have to cut back my sage since it’s growing well out of control. I’ll throw the clippings in the firepit to burn them later on. That should be an interesting smell.

The heat is hurting the yard, so I have to increase the watering times. Ugh! I can only imagine the water bill. We need some rain.

I planted russet potatoes this week but left half of the bed idled for now. I’m hoping Burpee or Gurneys will have the ones that I want in a while so I can maybe plant them come next month. I think I figured out how to put a cover over the bed using the greenhouse plastic that I have left over to keep the frost off of them come October. I think that I’ll still working on the framework fairly soon so that’s in place well in advance.

I need to figure out an irrigation system for my garden beds.

More later. 🙂