Thursday Afternoon

I love days like these. A nice cool breeze in the morning. Sun shining. The smell of lilacs on the breeze. My garden chimes tingling softly with the breeze while the birds sing in the trees around my place. It wold have been a great day to be outside working on my lawn and in my garden instead of sitting at my desk working away. How many more years to go to where I can just do as I want and please? Too many as far as I’m concerned.

I sit back and think of how nice it would be to do what I want and when I want but then again I wonder if one truly does retire. I mean, my uncles had part-time jobs after they retired either to help make ends meet or to keep busy. I wonder what the normal number of remaining years that a guy will live if he retires at 66? Fourteen? Twenty? That doesn’t leave a whole lotta time left just to enjoy living like that.