Tuesday Afternoon

There’s a weekly staff meeting to get thru and then it’s just waiting out the rest of the work day before I go mow the grass. There’s something about mowing grass on a hot and humid June afternoon. Most of it is now sitting on my arse instead of pushing a mower, so that;’s a plus up as far as I’m concerned. I’m getting too old for that pushing a mower crap.

Monday Afternoon

I was gonna mow the grass after I got off work this afternoon but Momma Nature had other plans for me. The skies got dar, the winds picked up and she dumped a little more than .40 of an inch of rain on us. It’s great for the yard and great for the garden but I now hafta wait until tomorrow to motor the grass and get it back under control. We’ve had so much rain and so much heat that it’s a jungle out there. The grass will be a greta place to hide lions ready to pounce and eat me if it gets much taller. Maybe I’ll even hafta bail it.