Monday Afternoon

I had plans for after work today to finish laying the landscape blocks along the new service walk. “Plans” that is until both of my hips decided to the contrary. Both are still sore and not very happy with me after the weekend’s work. It lets me know what I get to look forward in the not too distant future. Hopefully I’m not right here.

In the meanwhile, the crabapple trees are beginning to blossom and their is a faint sweet smell of fragrance when I’m around them. Part of me would like to see some heat so they burst forward with fragrance. The other part of me is happy with the cooler temps with a slight hope that the blossoms stay around for a while versus blooming and going away in a week or two.

I miss the smell of lilacs at this time of year. Maybe I’ll move further south when I retire so I can experience them once again.