Sunday Lunch

I’m not sure how I managed to do this but I managed to take about 25 pics on my iPhone ad I think it was when it was in my back pocket yesterday morning when I was picking up stuff at my “store of dreams“. Pretty cool, huh? I’m just too talented even by accident.

Despite that nonsense, I managed to get topsoil put into place, grass seed down, seed starter mat in place and my sidewalk retaining wall started. I’ve grown to hate putting in that first row pf blocks. It’s all “put the block down, check for level, take it out, take away some more clay, put it back, check for level, take it out repeat, check for level, take it out, find you took too much out, adjust, check for level, finally get it right.” It’s a very time consuming process but it’s gonna take time if you want it straight and level.

It’s my Sunday day off and I’ll finish this part hopefully before Wednesday.

Art Sunday: Vincent Van Gogh – View of Arles, Flowering Orchards

View of Arles, Flowering Orchards is a painting by Vincent van Gogh, executed in spring 1889, one of several paintings he produced in his Flowering Orchards series while living in Arles.

It supplies a view across a canal and the poplars on its board towards the historical center of Arles, with the towers of Saint-Trophime and College St Charles to the left, contrasted by recent building of the Caserne Calvin, housing the Zouave Regiment, to the right.

Van Gogh was acquainted with several of the Zouave officers, painted one in native uniform, and his portrait of Lieutenant Milliet is known as The Lover.

Poplar trees still stand along the canal, today, but the orchards and the Caserne are gone.