Monday Evening

I’ve been rather lethargic lately and I’m sure that the weather has a lot to do with it. I’m so used to southern Iowa weather and blue skies for April and here I sit in central Minnesota which is out there with it’s own peccadilloes. It’s depressing to this kid from Iowa. No, I don’t miss the bugs and the chiggers and the big spiders and the June bugs. I don’t miss going to the WalMart so I can count the number of people with either a full set of teeth or having their hair cut in a mullet. And I especially don’t miss the narrow minded bible thumpers down home.

But I’d like to see violets growing in my garden and I just don’t see that happening in these parts. I miss sitting on a porch while the Spring rains would fall down and smell how fresh everything smelled once it was done. I miss the roll of thunder and lighting flashing in the night sky. The lilacs should soon be in bloom if they aren’t already and they smelled so good after it rained.

Oh well. It will be May soon enough. Maybe it will warm up then.

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