My thoughts on the Chauvin trial

Karma. It’s as simple as that in my mind. I haven’t said anything at all about this trial and very little about the unrest in the Twin Cities even though I live in the backyard here. This trial and what started all of this has impacted everyone around here and I have yet to find someone here that disagrees with my assessment.

  • This isn’t a black thing.
  • It’s not a white thing.
  • It’s a hate thing and a total abuse of power and authority thing.
  • It’s a “do nothing and hope that it either goes away or doesn’t get worse” thing.

The man has had 18 (count em 18) previous complaints against him and he was still running around with a badge. If we are the civilized and law abiding society that we claim to be, then why do we let people like him continue to hold positions of power and authority. With great power and great authority comes great responsibility and great accountability.

I sat back last night and thought about all of the rotten cops that I’ve known and been exposed to over the course of 61+ years on this earth. There weren’t a lot but the ones that I did remember were rotten cops that stood out in my memory. They were the ones that walked around like God’s gift to humanity and they could lord over all with absolute impunity (or so they thought). And don’t think that this is something new because it’s not. It’s been going on for years and I can point to Capone bribing Chicago cops during the 1920’s and the bad NYPD cops that Serpico testified against.

All of them give the good and decent men and women of US law enforcement a bad reputation that proceeds them even before they begin their shift for the day. These men and women have put on a uniform every day knowing that a difficult job is made even harder for them by people like this man. The acceptable public standard of how they are to interact with the public goes higher and higher each time a death on 38th and Chicago or Brooklyn Center happens. It’s now a standard which I think is almost impossible for law enforcement to achieve.

I think that somewhere along the way we have lost the rationale and reasoning behind the necessity to root out people like Derek Chauvin and rid them from positions of power and authority. Somewhere along the way we have lost the ability to even try to get along with one another but it’s rapidly become an “us versus them” mentality which is constantly thrown at all of us by the media. The survival of our society and nation depends upon this mentality but it’s now easier to do a blanket whitewash of blame on everyone.

I still support the men and women in blue. It makes no difference to me what the color of their skin is, what their sex is, what their religious preference is, what their sexual preference is. We have so many problems with gun violence and crimes and suicides and sexual assaults and physical assaults and you name it.

With great power and authority comes great responsibility and accountability. I just think that we all need to support the good men and women in blue and help them get rid of the Derek Chauvins from within the ranks.

It’s karma Mr. Chauvin. What goes around comes around. You sow what you reap. Enjoy your time in prison.