Wednesday Afternoon

A couple things for this afternoon …

The risers FINALLY arrived and I was one busy bee getting the stairs mostly done. Just some areas to touch up and to get rid of that dreadful unfinished quarter round for some finished stuff. Then it’s just the side caulking to get down tomorrow and life is good here. I have one thing that’s bugging me, so I won’t tick this one off as completed until I get that done right.

Funny how WP’s “server maintenance” kills a post.

Happiness is two rain barrels filled by all of the rain we’ve been having. That and the oregano and sage surviving the winter in the herb bed. The oregano will take the ol’ schnitzola but there’s going to be a new bed built anywho. I have. I have a couple ideas as to how to keep a double hoop house warm over the winter months and maybe I’ll have some fresh herbs year round.