Some Random Thoughts for Tuesday Morning

I found out from the kids next door that someone ran over the mating pair of ducks as they crossed the main road behind my house. What dirt bag thing to do. People like that need to be tied to a bumper on a truck and drug down a street for a block or two.

I managed to get my rain barrels setup in time for last night’s rain. I’m not sure how much rain that they captured since I haven’t checked them yet; but it’s a start. I also missed out on last night’s rain since I didn’t have the props setup to hold the hoop house up so the bed would get the rain water. I’;ll have to run to Ace Hardware after work to pick up what I need. There’s plenty of time and I can water by hand if I have to for now.

I have a boatload of work to do on my yard to get it back up to snuff. It looks like some vagrant lives at this address. This will never pass muster. I’ve have to stop by my store of dreams and pick up some Spring Weed n Feed for the yard. Then I need to order that seed drill and start reseeding my yard.

I’m looking forward to my crabapple trees blossoming once again. I love how they smell. Spring always arrives late here as compared to other places. It’s one reason why I miss living a wee bit further south of here.

More later.

12 thoughts on “Some Random Thoughts for Tuesday Morning

    1. i’m with you chick…how do we accomplish that. Here is a “song” relating to this feeling…alas sorry Jim.

      I washed the blood from off the street, my tears running in the road. I’d like to hunt that women down AND squish her like a toad. Been a long time coming but i’m in! dRU

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