Tuesday Evening

I started tearing apart the old raised bed after work this afternoon. The Vermont White Cedar boards that made up that original raised bed just fell apart in my hands. The only thing that the boards are good for now is to use as some fuel for a pit pit fire later on this season. I can’t even remember when I first installed this first bed. How many years ago was it? I’d have to look back thru my SmugMug files to see what year it was that I set it up. I want to say that it was after I moved back from Rock Island but I won’t say it for sure.

The outside weather felt like mid to late November with the winds gusting and the chilly temps that they brought with them. The garden bed soil held together fairly well but easily came apart when I applied a shovel to some areas left to stand alone after the old wood had been removed. Man oh man was the soil ever so cold when I felt it with my hands. It’s way too early to plangt anything right now. I’ll have to get a thermometer for the soil after every thing is all said and done.

I finished this far with the project that I noticed that this bed in particular was taller than the others. It suddenly dawned on me that I used 2X8 cedar in lieu of the 2X6 cedar that I usually use. It doesn’t matter the more that I thought about it and compared it to the other raised beds. I like this height better since the grounds seems to be further and further away every year that goes past me. Sometimes good things come from little mistakes. But it’s in and it’s solid which is all that I care for at this point.

Tomorrow we make the frame with the hoops.

Tuesday Afternoon.

The last thing that I intended to do this week was to completely rebuild one of my raised beds. BUT … I took the fencing off of one and lo and behold it’s rotting and starting to fall apart. I’m not going to put a hoop house on top of a bad foundation which meant an unplanned trip to my store of dreams. Lumber is pretty damn expensive right now is all that I hafta say about that subject.

It’s all good at the end of the day tho. It’s way early in the season and I have time to remove the old bed frame to make way for a new one. The new bed should give me about 10 years of good use.