Some Random Thoughts for Thursday

I started looking for a new cat since the house is overly quiet in my opinion. I’m not too sure what I’m going to do at this point in time but it’s something to help occupy some time.

A couple more weekends and I’ll be turning over the soil in my raised garden beds. It will be time to top them off and add some cow manure to replenish them. It will be time to designate what will go in which bed and when planting will start for each of them; so I need to get a seed order thought out fairly soon. I think the one bed that I use for herbs will be the first one to turn into a hoop house. I’ve never built one. It should be a fun experience building one and I’d like to see just how soon I can get my herbs planted back outside.

Ducks are back in our yards. I always wonder if the hen is one of my ducks but I guess I’ll never know. It’s fun to think that one would be returning each year to visit and make a nest.

I gotta figure out why my iPhone isn’t surfing the net like it should be when I’m out and about.

More later.