Hmmmm …

I sit here quite often reading about the insanity that goes on around the country and around the world as well and I wonder where our common sense has gone. Have “we” become so entitled that “we” have lost that basic common sense that God and/or hard lessons learned instilled in us? Yeh, I think that we have for the most part.

I hated getting shots when I was in the military. This hatred of shots apparently was something that the commander openly knew about and some lucky fool from the great state of Iowa was always put on “Deployment” status and always assigned to some team. Oh lucky me! That meant that I had two choices:

  1. Get and keep myself shot current. Or –
  2. Get a whole series of shots whenever I processed thru a deployment line.

Yeh. That second choice was not something that you really wanted to choose considering all of the bags that they made you drag around during exercises and real world deployments. You learn rather quickly just to shut the h*ll up and just get them even if you didn’t like multiple needles being injected into your arm, hip and/or ass. Nah. You “REALLY” didn’t wanna fly backwards on a C-5 for 20+ hours sitting on a rather angry butt.

I also had to quickly concede that we would be going into some rather nasty places that rank extremely low on the tourist favorite places to visit list and they had some even nastier bugaboos just looking for your average GI being stupid with their health. Yeh. I don’t miss that experience of making sure a latrine was nearby because I didn’t initially heed the doc’s advice of always washing my hands. That thought of “That was sure stupid of you. Let’s not do that again.” ran thru one’s head if you didn’t heed doc’s words.

So now I sit back patiently and quietly awaiting my turn for the COVID 19 vaccine to become available for me. I’m also reading and hearing about all of these people who just insist upon not wearing a mask or getting the shots and then become Ken’s and Karen’s whenever they are confronted and they shout their insistence that they know better than the whole world. Here are my thoughts on them …

Get away from them. Say nothing to them. Leave them alone. Let nature and natural evolution sort it all out.

It’s a waste of valuable oxygen to argue with these people and at the end of the day …

  • I don’t know them.
  • I’m not sleeping with them.
  • They’re not paying my taxes or my bills.
  • I’ll probably never see them again.
  • I could care less if they are put on travel restrictions or not allowed on airplanes.
  • And if they do become walking zombies, I have some things that will dispatch them rather quickly. It would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

Yep. It also seems to me that the Democrats would have fewer opposition members if they would just let those knucklehead Republicans and conservatives have their way. Natural evolution has a lot to offer us if we would just quit fighting it.