Five for Friday

It’s that time of week once again even if it’s a tad bit late. No worries. Let’s see where the ol’ gray matter takes us to for this week.

  1. It’s sunny with clear blue skies out there. I love sunshine. It makes me happy. However, that south wind that we’re getting is kinda cool meaning that you should still dress for the temperatures. Little wonder March is cold and flu season for Minnesota.
  2. I hafta check the frost depth in my raised garden beds to see where it’s at right now. I may even stick a thermometer in the ground to see how cold it is. I still need to get some bags of manure to add to them.
  3. Some dumb*ss who shall remain nameless forgot to order new risers for the stairs. Oops! We’re waiting 11 more days before they are expected to show up. I’ll finish what I can this weekend and cut and number the new stairs treads to fit so they are out of the way and just need a quick install when the risers get here.
  4. Tonight is designated “Mexican Dinner” since someone who shall remain nameless was a tad bit dense in the head and wasn’t paying any attention to details. That’s what you get for leaving them without any adult supervision; so it’s actually your fault this detail was missed.
  5. These knuckleheads that are getting headlines for refusing to wear a mask crack me up. Maybe they should be tattooed with a “C” on their foreheads which would stand for “Culled”. We’d be knowing who to avoid in the future.

There ya have it. Feel free to comment and/or volunteer for my Saturday Garage G.I. Party.