Thursday Morning

These are what you would call “solid” which is something that they weren’t when they were first installed. The stringers were good but the treads and the risers appeared to have been installed by some drunken Irishman which is not me. I drink “after” the work is done “if” I drink at all. There’s not a squeak or a creak out of these now. On to cleaning up the stringer skirt and then doing the project right which it should have been in the first place.

I was right about what was wrong with the original installation of the new treads and risers. They were installed too tightly and they rubbed on the stringer skirt when they flexed from people stepping on the stairs. I was also right that they didn’t seat the new treads right when they installed them since the flexed that much. They shouldn’t and that’s all that needs to be said. I should have trusted my gut and done the research to install them myself versus having someone else do it. I would know that they were done right.

I had a thought that I should be looking for some Sugar Mama with a bunch of cash who would pay for the training for me to learn to do electrical and plumbing so I can be certified to do both. Then she could start a small woman owned business called the …


Yeh! Wouldn’t that look good on a tee shirt? It would get the attention of you ladies that need work done around the house. Of course there are a lotta ways to define “Handyman Service“. isn’t there???? 😉