Tuesday Afternoon

I know what’s wrong with my stairs and why they squeak. The only problem that I have is what I have to do to fix it. It’s not worth going to small claims court over given how much it costs. I have other things that I could do and my time is worth something.

Oh well. Onward and upward.

11 thoughts on “Tuesday Afternoon

    1. I’d help burglars who broke in to look for some money. I’d want to find it too. fortunately I have Big Boy who would howl incessantly cuz he would be thinking that they were there to feed him. he’s my built-in alarm system. 😉

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    1. but I have an attack cat. ok. he’s more like one of those always sleeping to save energy for his next meal cats but he meows real loud hoping that someone will feed him whenever he sees someone


  1. And your pleasure is worth time.

    Small claims court is only the FIRST step…well after getting your defendant served. Then if you get the judgement and you probably will on this, you have a judgement and that is all you have (or st least in CA) Then you have to go back and get authority to collect, if the defendant doesn’t just cave and pay. By this point most of them won’t because again you have to get a 2nd court judgement to attach bank accounts, the till, and cars etc. (i know i’ve been on both sides of the fence.

    If you don’t do this for a living…that is sue contractors and suppliers through your business…then your time wasn’t worth money…and probably you’d have wasted it. dRU

    ps Go out side in the icky stuff or by now the slush and hit the winter goblin that is living on your bird seed and bunny food.

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