Some Random Thoughts for Thursday

It’s amazing how quickly things progressed this week for me. I go pick up a couple things tomorrow and I[‘m earning once again just like that. Woo hoo!

I made chicken fried chicken, smashed taters and milk gravy for dinner last night. Unfortunately, I made too much of all and I know what’s for supper tonight. It ate good last night so it should eat good tonight as well.

It was raining, hailing, thundering, and a tornado well south of me yesterday. It warshed away the snow mold so I’m not worried about that for right now. Emphasis is on the wording “for right now“. There’s no way that the Ice Maiden is done with us for this season. It’s basketball tournament month which atypically brings the nasty stuff with it.

Back to sanding down my replacement door for my pocket door. I think it will all look good once I’m done. We’ll see the end result soon enough.

More later.

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