And we move on

My tenure with my store of dreams came to an end today. The reasons why aren’t important to go over nor discuss in any further length. It’s done. Buddha says “Forgive others not because they deserve forgiveness, but because you deserve peace.”

Peace. It’s something that I have worked for over and over again thru out the years. I’m an educated man and I have the college degrees to prove that I’m an educated man but it does not mean that I am knowledgeable. All that the pieces of parchment paper mean is that I remembered enough facts about enough things over enough tests so I ended up with completing enough courses to get a piece of paper and some cake afterwards. Try telling that to someone with a degree from an Ivy League school and see how they respond. But it doesn’t mean that I’m knowledgeable about peace.

I think of this past employment and I want peace in my mind and heart. I think of the VA and I want the same. I think of the lack of intimacy in my life and that special closeness that you may have with a lover and all that I want is peace.

Life is hard. It’s harder when you have to deal with idiots and mean hearted people. It’s hard whenever you face failure or loss. It just plain sucks at times.

We move on.

11 responses to “And we move on

  1. Hey Jim. It took me a full year to de-stress and find peace after I retired. Worth every minute and the journey was a joy! (Much of my journey was dragging my little dog around every park in this corner of town last summer. 🙂).

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  2. Not sure about the details, but they don’t matter. Hopefully you find peace as well as peace of mind. I try not to think about how many places hubby and I stayed too long. As my mom was fond of saying ‘onward and upward’. Have a peaceful weekend.

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  3. Félicitations !

    Search for Edward Sharpe on you tube and go to the Man on Fire at Baeble Music, that is my congratz to you. If you don’t HATE it, check it out on the Bloody Sunday Sessions for the group. You are a man of peace and taste & refinement! dRU

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