My last hour of this career …

There is a destiny that awaits us and shapes our ends, We don’t know where the road will lead us or to what new adventures or challenges that we will be faced with. Sometimes all we can do is roll the dice and trust in God and ourselves. I’m going to flush out the bad memories of the V.A. and keep only the good knowing and hoping that there is a thing called karma which will pay back at some later date and time. I’m gonna cleanse my soul of the bitterness and the thoughts of what could have been and move on.


Tuesday Morning

One of Miss Elaine’s Wingless Tree Dragons was none too happy with me denying it access to the bird feeder this morning. It sat up in the tree just twitching its tail in irritation at me and chattered in great annoyance about how unfair I am. Life is tough get over it.

There may be frost on the pumpkins comes Friday and/or Saturday morning. I’ll need to keep an eye on the weather forecast so I can cover my herbs so it doesn’t kill them. I’m not quite ready to dig them up and bring most of them inside for the winter since there is still plenty of good weather left in this season.

Some Random Thoughts on Monday Afternoon

We’re having double nickel temps today (55F/12C) with blech coloured skies. It’s starting to get a tad cool to be wearing walking shorts but not that cold enough yet. A jacket goes on me whenever I go outside for a walk which keeps me comfortable.

The fireplace is set for low which is enough for now to take the coolness out of the house and it placates Big Boy as well. Then again, he’s placated if you feed him so I don’t think that it takes much to keep him happy.

One more day and a wake up and my tenure with the Fed comes to an end. Now if I can only get the HR lady from the firm that offered me a job to call be back so we can set up a date and time to fill out paperwork and figure out an orientation day. I am and I am not in a hurry given that I won’t be getting all of those Federal holidays off any more and it will be a while before I build up some vacation time. A couple days of unpaid vacation isn’t gonna hurt me.

I was busy with the yard and the gummys this past weekend and didn’t get out like I had hoped to take some pics of the Autumn foliage that we’re seeing right now.