Tuesday Morning

So everything “appears” to be coming together finally for me. It’s a little late but better late than never I suppose. It’s all something to contemplate as I sit here sipping on my last cup of coffee for today as I try to figure what my destiny in life really is. I should be all anxious about my retirement papers being processed but I’m not for some reason. Maybe I just consider it a lost cause right now.

Sure I’ll miss the money. Who wouldn’t? It pays me very well and it was lucrative. It afforded me the opportunity to do well in life, take care of my family and see parts of this world that I’ve never seen before. Yet it’s an extremely stressful way of earning a living and it’s full of career politics BS as people stab others in the back to advance themselves at the expense of others. There’s no way that I’m going to miss that crap. It’s just not the way that I’m built.

Regardless, it’s time to refocus on the final steps that I need to do to stay ahead of the contractors. One more push and my part is finally done.