I’ve decided that it’s time to cut the cable

I’ve been thinking about just how much cable TV has been costing me without me even really thinking about it. I mean, I was making plenty of coin and I had a lot of disposable income that I could use to splurge on things without really thinking about it. Now I’m forcing myself to start thinking more of living more within my means and how I can cut costs.

I feel kinda foolish about what I spend on cable TV. I’ve always tried to stay up with new technology but I have to admit that I’ve been slacking awfully bad in this area for the past number of years. The dynamics of living are suddenly changing and I have to adapt and do it quickly.

The first option appears to be to ditch the cable, with the exception of the high speed cable i-net, for a Roku. Is it a bad option? Not really considering that I remember a time before cable TV and only have 3 or 4 channels to watch. I sit back now and wonder why I have 200+ channels available to me now and I only really watch maybe 12 – 15 of them in total.

So we’ll quickly experiment on this and come to a decision soon. Time is of the essence so I can’t squander it. I spend too much time with the tube on anyway and can use it for something else.

Some Random Thoughts for Thursday


It’s humid as hell once again.  I need a dehumidifier for the state of Minnesota.  Failing that, one for my house will work as well.  I can always use the distilled water for the plants in the garden.  Free water is good water.

One week gone and hopefully the countertop supplier is on schedule.  I’m gonna grill up some chicken for dinner since I don’t have a functional kitchen.  Lord give me patience.

That reminds me that I need water for coffee and not the soft water that comes out of my taps currently.

My zucchini plant died.  I guess that’s the end of that but the Farmer’s Market is still open.  I think I’ll go there Saturday morning and see what I can’t live without or put away for the winter.