I have to laugh

My supervisor knows that I’m retiring.  Not a word of thanks or well wishes or even “Are you sure this is what you want to do?”  After all of these years of busting me ass so he looked good and his organization looked good.

What a selfish bastard.

Some Random Thoughts for Tuesday


OK, I’ll all ready to go for the next round of the COVID.  Yes, I have some TP and some Tidy Cats for Big Boy.

My russet potatoes did very well this year.  I harvested them last Sunday and I got a nice little crop from two potatoes that went to seed on me.  Now I just need a kitchen so I can actually use them.

I submitted my retirement request paperwork this morning.  Am I scared and anxious about my future?  Yes.  We will manage somehow.

Today I’m waiting for the lady to come measure the flooring area for new flooring.  I’ve decided not to wait on it and want it to be installed as soon as possible.  I have an idea as far as how to protect it when the new countertops come in and it should work.  I want this project done.

Back to my store of dreams to get another gallon of wall paint and some rollers.  I have three walls done and I’m on to number four, five and six.  I also need to get a 2 gallon bucket of flat ceiling white paint on Friday.  There’s always things to do around here.

More later …