Monday Afternoon

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Senior leadership finally broke me last week and I’ve decided that enough is enough; I’m throwing in my retirement papers.  It doesn’t mean that I’m going to actually quit working since I think that I have a lot of good years left in me and I still have a lot to offer.  I’m just tired to the Government managerial BS that has been even more pervasive since the POTUS took his oath of office.

I’m anxious about my future right now.  I’m a little scare and a little nervous since I know what I’m giving up when I go into an unknown future.  I’m also kinda relieved that I finally had the courage to call it quits.  I find it sad that management has finally driven me away from something that I like to do and something that I cared about.  I liked helping our less experienced staff by explaining why we did things the way that we did or even showing them a better way of doing things.  No more tho I guess.

Well, the Department of Veterans Affairs got along fine before my time and it will get along just fine after I’m gone.  On to other things.