OK, this whole mask thingee doesn’t work for me …


Now how does wearing a mask prevent you from getting the COVID?  Yanno, it’s supposed to be one of those virus things that spreads by spreading your germs all over the place and this sure as h*ll doesn’t prevent that.  I’ll just end up dying after being around contaminated people from one of those so called “Hot Zones“; not that I’m traveling much right now any who.

Plus on top of that, it’s dangerous.  I mean, I can’t see to drive.  Then I can’t see nothing when I wear it at home resulting in me pulling a Ritu and smashing into things, stubbing my toes, etc.  Then I just make a mess when I try to eat cuz food ends up all over my shirts.  Let’s not even mention just how much coffee I’ve spilled on myself as well.

This is so stupid.  I don’t even closely resemble the Lone Ranger.