Some Random Thoughts for Saturday Evening


Another project done!  Woo hoo!  All it needed was a motivated Jim to dig it out after not using if for 3 years, using the pressure washer on it, some degreaser, some SOS soap pads, lots of elbow grease on my part, lots of water for me to drink since it’s been hot out there, about $100 in new parts and this looks like new once again.  I just need to double check to make sure all of the bolts and screws are tight and then hook up the gas then we’re cooking for 20 or so once again.  It was a lot cheaper going this route versus buying new.  Besides, I have The girls went home but they had skills.

There was a nice thunderstorm last night with the winds blowing and the lightning flashing and the thunder booming and Big Boy hiding under a bed.  It brought us about 1 inch of rain which we needed.  A huge plus up is there were no water leaks from the repaired patio door.  Woo hoo!

The gummys just left for home and they had a blast riding their bikes here with the neighbor kids.  All of them are having a pretty good summer now that they have someone to play with.


Crash and Burn


I have concluded that I am destined by the gods and by fate to be without a soul mate for the remainder of my life.  At least I can claim that when I crash and burn that I do it on a scale epic enough to be worthy of a Viking funeral with a guaranteed trip to Valhalla.

Yeh.  Make it legendary and worthy of others telling tales about you if you’re gonna do something.  🙂