Five for Friday

This is way behind normal posting time and it has been one of those work days that are best forgotten and allowed to rot away in the past. Let’s see ..

1. It’s very hot and humid here in central Minnesota and the flies are biting.  There is no rain in tonight’s weather forecast and nothing shows on the weather radar right now but we sure could use an all day soaking rain.

2.  My patio door is fixed now.  Woo hoo!  I’ll test it out with the garden hose later on after the sealant cures another day or two.

3. The gummys are having a great time playing with the kids in the neighborhood.  I feel bad for all of the kids with what is going on right now.  It’s a tough year to grow up.

4. Touch wood my replacement cabinets actually arrive on Monday and there is nothing wrong with them.  I knew about how long it would take from start to finish on this project but I so want it over.

5. I think for “None of the Above” in this November’s Presidential election.  This has just got to be the sorriest bunch of losers to consider for President that the US has ever had.

There ya have it.  Feel free to comment and/or wave rapidly at me when you pass by to help spread the AC my way.