I’m so glad that I got to experience this while growing up


  1. Drinking from the garden hose.
  2. Riding my bicycle all over town and with no helmet.
  3. Riding on of the city busses without any adult supervision.
  4. Going to the drive-in movies.
  5. Going to the park with my friends without worrying about drug needles or perverts.
  6. Use Mercurochrome to paint Indian war paint on my little sister’s face.
  7. Going trick-or-treating with my friends and no parents and covering as many city blocks as we could before trick-or-treating was officially over.
  8. Having a “few” encounters with the Poh-leese and no records of it.
  9. Woody Woodpecker cartoons and a Three Stooges short film before the feature movie at the weekday matinee.
  10. Nuns in their penguin outfits.
  11. Having long hair was considered cool.
  12. The British Invasion.
  13. Getting hurt in a neighbor’s yard and no one was sued.
  14. Half the town knew Momma and her phone number and she knew what I did before I EVEN GOT HOME.
  15. Rotary phones.
  16. Record players.
  17. The Sunday funnies in the Sunday paper.
  18. Having a paper route.
  19. Getting “do-overs” while playing baseball or whiffle ball with the neighbor kids.
  20. “STREET LIGHT!!!!”
  21. Yelling “CAR!”when playing in the street.
  22. Not getting caught walking on the maintenance walk underneath one of the city’s main bridges.
  23. Not getting caught by the warehouse foreman of the Rock Island Railroad Freight House when I jumped on their roof so I could get off of the bridge maintenance walk.
  24. Getting caught by the Poh-leese after hopping on to an empty box car as a freight train passed slowly thru town to change crews.
  25. Being glad that there is no actual official record of #24.
  26. Looking at all of the downtown store windows with their Christmas decorations.
  27. Having more aunts and uncles and cousins than you can count on your fingers and toes and all of them living in the same town.
  28. The annual summer family picnic.
  29. Not getting caught throwing snowballs at cars and the nuns.
  30. Getting chewed out by the head priest for throwing snowballs at the nuns.
  31. Camping outside during the summer because it was too hot in the house.
  32. Turning the garden hose on to my little sister on a hot summer day.
  33. Going to Mickey Dees for two hamburgers, fries, a regular Coke and getting change back for your dollar.
  34. Asking for a Coke to drink at any diner.
  35. Being asked ‘What kinda Coke do you want?” after saying that I wanted a Coke to drink.
  36. Momma using her switch on my hiney for no good reason.
  37. Grandma calling all of us boys “a bunch of wild Indians and hooligans” for no good reason.
  38. Playing “Hide-n-Seek” and “Flashlight” in the dark.
  39. The original Hot Wheels.
  40. The JC Penny Christmas catalog.

… and many, many more things than I can write down.