Sunday Afternoon

Woo hoo!  I made some fresh homemade pesto this afternoon and am freezing most of it to use later on.  It tastes too good!  There will be some pasta with zucchini and pesto for supper tonight. Add in some oven toasted baguette and Im’ gonna end up doing a long walk after supper to burn some of that off before bed time.  Hopefully I’ll get two more cuttings, or better, before the north winds return once again.


Art Sunday: John Singer Sargent – Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose


Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose is an oil-on-canvas painting made by the American painter John Singer Sargent in 1885–86.

The painting depicts two small children dressed in white who are lighting paper lanterns as day turns to evening; they are in a garden strewn with pink roses, accents of yellow carnations and tall white lilies (possibly the Japanese mountain lily, Lilium auratum) behind them. The painting is dominated by green foliage, with no horizon or other horizontal line to give a sense of depth. The viewer seems to be on a level with the children but also looking down on them. The two subjects of the painting are the daughters of the illustrator Frederick Barnard – a friend of Sargent’s. Dolly, left, was 11 years old and Polly, right, seven years old; they were chosen for their blonde hair, replacing Sargent’s original model, Francis Davis Millet’s five-year-old daughter, dark-haired Katherine. The title comes from the refrain of a popular song “Ye Shepherds Tell Me” by Joseph Mazzinghi, a pastoral glee for a trio of male voices, which mentions Flora wearing “A wreath around her head, around her head she wore, Carnation, lily, lily, rose”.