Random Thoughts for Tuesday Evening

I’m all hot and sweaty after working outside and I wanna know why I’m not losing more weight.  It would seem only natural given all of the work that I’ve put in over the past few weeks and how hot it was to work outside that some number of pounds woulda melted away.  Oh well.  I hafta get some more tree branches that I cut down hauled off to the compost yard.

I think that I have too many projects going on all at the same time.  The painting in the front of the house is done and so is the weed control for the lawn.  I hafta get some control on my garage this week and I’ve also got to get the big gas grill cleaned up and ready to go before the replacement parts get here. Maybe a wire wheel for my bench grinder will help the gas grill refurb go faster.

The garden is doing well in this heat even if it is going thru a lot of my rain water right now.  It may rain tomorrow evening and into Thursday, so whatever rain water I’ve used will hopefully be replaced.

I wonder if it’s worth exploring the possibility of putting a water well in my back yard?  I wonder if it would be potable water?