Five for Friday


It’s that time of week once again and once again I’m struggling with my brain.  Let’s see where it’s gonna take me this week …

1. Using the ol’ Slip-N-Slide is a great way for the gummys and their new friend next door to stay cool in this heat and humidity.  I prefer the AC myself.  The beach would be nice but there’s no ocean close to me.

2. The garden is doing pretty well as you can see from the pic.

3. I have no big plans for the 4th of July.  I may grill or something like that.  I used to like watching the fireworks but I can’t stand the noise now.

4. Jeez Louise.  I didn’t think picking out a new color for the upstairs after the kitchen remodel would be so tough.  Pick a damn colour Jim.

5. Lunch is over and it’s back to work in the flower bed.  The joys of maintaining a home. 🙂

There ya have it feel free to comment and/or wave at our friends in Great Britain as we celebrate “Treason Day” tomorrow.

8 responses to “Five for Friday

  1. Your yard and garden look great. I have no yard… all woods. I have enjoyed making flower beds at the edge of the wood to get my flower fix. The veggie garden is just a short walk into the field. Lots and lots to do there. My in laws are both under the weather… so I am trying to help with their rows as well.
    If COVID doesn’t get me… all the chores may!

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  2. The only fireworks I will watch will be whatever various neighbors do. They cancelled the city fireworks but I didn’t go to them last year either so no big deal. My grandkids do the slip and slide too, but these new slip and slides are not like the good ones my kids used to have. I guess they were too slippery and some helicopter mom must have complained so now they are this flimsy plastic that bunches up. You garden looks GREAT! Mine is done till Fall.

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