Saturday Afternoon


Late winter and I can almost feel in the air that the seasons want to change on us.  It was beautiful out there with blue skies and temps to 39*F (4C) and a nice breeze out of the south.  No, it wasn’t a warm breeze but I’m sure those aren’t too far away right now.  I’ll take the sunshine for now since it always helps to lift my spirits this time of year.  It’s kind of ironic how 39*F last October was so cold to us and now the same temp is almost tropical.  It’s weird how we adapt to temperature changes.  I have a sense that about this time next month I may be turning over the soil in my garden beds to help them to thaw out and get ready for a new planting season.

The girls got blown out of their game today and their team didn’t even score a point.  I feel bad for them but they have to learn to deal with failures and defeats but it’s tough when you’re 9 years old.  I bought them lunch to include smoothies.  That seemed to help hurt feelings and their disappointment.