A Couple Random Thoughts on Tuesday Afternoon


Man do I ever love seeing the sun shining outside.  I hate grey and cloudy days at times unless it’s raining.  Grey and cloudy days make the winter drag on and on with seemingly no end in sight.  Today is a welcome distraction.

Less than 60 days until snow out around this part of the 100 Acre Wood.  It’s time to count down until St. Patrick’s Day and March Madness so we can start another Spring.

My African Violet is doing very well.  I may be moving it soon to make room for something else.  Unfortunately, it appears that my thyme from last season did not make it thru this winter.  I can hopefully replace it soon from the seeds that I started.

I realized that I forgot to take the filter off of my camera before taking shot shots today.  Oops!

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