Wednesday Afternoon

I’m sitting here by the fireplace watching the snow fall down gently from the grey sky.  Miss Lily is laying in front of the fireplace and is slowly melting into the carpet as she enjoys the heats.  Big Boy is off to Lord only knows where and I’m sure he will show up when he thinks that it’s time for me to feed him.

It’s that time of year once again; waiting for March Madness to begin and on and off again snow flurries.  It’s also that time of year where the day that I despise the most is about to happen.  Well, we will tolerate it somehow and ignore it just the same.  It’s just another Friday to me.

At least my seeds that I planted are starting to come along.  I’m going to have to be thinking about transplanting the basil to something bigger here fairly soon.  That’s going to mean an errand run this weekend to see what I can find to put them in.  I’m wondering how I could maybe construct a greenhouse over one of my 4 foot garden beds to keep my herbs in.  It’s something to distract me and keep me busy for now.