Wednesday Night


I’ve decided to learn about African Violets.  Why?  Because I have the time on my hands right now and I need something to occupy my brain.  My oldest bought the gummys two different plants and I bought the traditional variety tonight.  I’ve picked up several things so far tonight and it doesn’t look too difficult.  It looks like someone like me can grow these successfully.

8 responses to “Wednesday Night

  1. Have fun. All I know about African Violets is that you have to water them from the bottom. Personally, I have no plants in my house because they always die on me, no matter how many instructions I’m given as to their care. Fortunately, my outside plants seem to thrive without any attention from me whatsoever.

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  2. I have an african violet that has survived me for about 10 years now. I hardly ever remember to water it, but I think that might be why it survived because most of the time I end up over watering plants and killing them. Good Luck on growing yours. I bet it will be fine ❤

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  3. Enjoy them! 🙂 They’re one of my favorites to grow. My mom always killed African Violets and Orchid. About once a week put water in the base of the pot and let the plant do its’ thing. It’s that simple. Orchids are the same…. just water them about once a week and let them grow. My orchids always bloomed pretty much year round.

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