Some Random Thoughts for Hump Day Afternoon


I have managed to avoid the new Chinese pandemic flu whatever it’s called.  Is it like Won Ton Soup Flu of the Kung Flu or Hong Kong Flooey or some damn thing like that.  All that I know is flying to China is pretty much out for now so I guess I’ll hafta get my Chinese Take Out from someplace else.

I did manage to jam my left hand into a chair twice today which resulted in my left arm moving up and making my shoulder move in ways that it’s not ready for until I have PT.  Needless to say I let loose a few choice words that lil’ ol’ blue haired ladies, priests, nuns and lil’ kids shouldn’t hear.

I’ve also discovered that most single ladies who approach me on Instagram are somewhere between the ages of 28 – 32, they’re single, they’ve just broken up from a bad relationship, they’re either in school or are hairdressers, they call me “handsome” (pffft) and they need money.  It”s amazing how stupid that they think most guys are.  Yeh, I just got off the potato boat from Cork last week.

That big yellow thing was in the sky has been out for two … count em … two days in a row!  Sunshine always makes me feel better this time of year.

I’m getting kinda good at “Lego City” on my PS4.  🙂



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  1. It was like that on FB. Lots of lonely men, some with kids, who wanted a mother figure for their kids saying age is not a factor or some similar bs or thought I had money. I finally quit Facebook altogether.

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