Tuesday Lunchtime


My little indoor garden is progressing nicely for now.  I gave the cat grass a hair cut to help promote it to grow and to grow straight after transplanting it.  I moved the gummy’s flowers and succulents downstairs as well since I typically rely on the fireplace for heat during this time of year.  It keeps the basement nice and warm on its lowest setting with only a fan that I plug in to help move the heat around.

I think that I’ll make a new stand for once the weather warms up and I can move my herbs outside.  That probably won’t be until around Memorial Day which is good since I have rehab for my shoulder anywho. But I’ve been thinking about building an “L” shaped table so I can use a 4 foot grow light along with this 2 foot light that I already have.  It will give me more grow room and give me something to tend to during the long winters that we have here.

I’ve been thinking a lot since yesterday on how I can re-engineer my raised garden beds to create some more bee friendly flower beds.  I have some ideas that I’m floating around for now and I guess that I’ll have to wait and see how the actually turn out.  I usually tend to get impatient and then hurry along instead of taking my time and developing something over the long term.  There’s plenty of time and we’ll figure it all out.