Beating the February Blahs – Hopefully


This was a day to transplant the cat grass into some pots and put them back under the sun lamp and hope they spring back.  I’m pretty sure that they will considering it’s grass.  Miss Lily has already found it and has been nibbling at it so she will hopefully leave the other plants alone now.

Then we started some peat pellets and started four of them for some thyme and four for some basil.  I’ve never had any success with either and I’m wondering if I didn’t wait long enough before transplanting them.  We’ll try a longer approach today and see where that takes us.

I also noticed that the folding table would make a pretty good place to try to start some flowers.  Maybe I’ll get a 4 foot sun lamp and give them a go.  I wonder if I can grow some violets?

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February Blahs


I don’t like February’s any more.  They’re a “blah” month for me for two reasons:

  1. We’re at that point where the snow melts and then freezes and melts again and freezes and the cycle continues.  It’s now the dirty part of winter.
  2. Valentine’s Day.

The shortest month of the year drags on and on in a seemingly never wants to end cycle of one slow ass day followed by another.  The color and romance of winter is gone.  The snow that looked so pristine and white turns grey and crystally while the ice turns black from the constant melt/freeze cycle.  And Valentine’s Day?  Well, we’ll just leave it at enough said and move on.  I don’t need any reminders on this day.

I turn to whatever distraction that I can find to help make this month go away.  This month I will focus on trying to grow some thyme and basil once again from seeds and see where it takes me.  Maybe just maybe I can be successful at this instead of crashing and burning in a fiery flame of unachieved glory.

February is the month where I start to long for a new Spring with its warm breezes and rain to wash away the dirt and grime from the past winter.  I know that I still have about 2 1/2 months to go before a new Spring somewhat starts itself up here on the “frozen tundra” of central Minnesota.  I lack patience.