Thursday Night

I have an exciting south metro urbanite lifestyle.  I spent part of the day napping, part of the day playing on the PS4 and part of the day printing out some kid friendly recipes that I found on the net.  That and I watch part of the political circus on C-SPAN.  Yeh, that’s me.  Living life on the edge.  I make my own rules to live by.  I’m second to none.  Well, I’m second to the cats who think that my only existence to to support them in the life style that they demand.

But I digress.  I found some good stuff that should eat good later on.  Life is short.  I figure hat I have 30 or less years left on this earth.  Yeh, I’ll try to be healthy but why deny some simple pleasures in life?  No excuses and no regrets.

P.S.  Someone took me out to the WalMart so I could get some new readers and I got some BBQ afterwards.  Pulled pork BBQ and some good slaw.  Oh yeh!!!