Sunday Night


Another weekend comes to an end and I have yet another smoke detector that died on me.  It’s OK because I have more than sufficient coverage to make up for it’s loss but I have a pigtail dangling from my ceiling until my shoulder is good enough to work overhead.  That probably won’t be until April or May but what can you do?  Maybe I can talk my SIL into learning how to wire something with hot wires.  That would be an experience.

Art Sunday: Jules-Alexandre Grün


Jules-Alexandre Grün (25 May 1868 – 15 February 1938) was a French post-impressionist painter, poster artist, and illustrator.

Grun’s best known painting is called The Dinner Party, produced in 1911. It was, however, in the fields of poster art and illustration art, for which he was famous. He was employed at a large printing company in Paris and his artistic director was Jules Chéret. Chéret was also his main competitor in poster art.