Monday Night


I look out on a clear winter’s night and I disappointed in what I can’t see.  There is too much light pollution here and it is so unlike living out on the high plains of western South Dakota.  I could spend hours looking the stars sitting in the night sky.  The stars seemed so to be so very close and it was like you could reach up and pluck one out of the sky and put it in you coat pocket.  Looking deep into a moonless sky it was like looking into the eyes of infinity.

I had picked a star out on one of those nights and saved it for someone.  I said it was theirs and no one else could claim it.  It would burn bright every night for all eternity even tho we had turn to dust and no one would ever know who we were or much less know that we even existed.  But it would always be there in the night sky.  The night sky remained me of her jet black hair and her blue eyes twinkled like diamonds in the sky.  She and those winter night skies were beautiful to me

It’s hard to see the star on a winter’s night here in central Minnesota.  My heart aches with both gone now.