Saturday Afternoon


I stood by the window and felt how cold it was outside.  The winter wind danced thru bare trees and shaped new designs in the snow. The yellow sun casts a golden glow as it starts to set in the west.  It is the struggle to survive that is going on around me yet the long, slow days just make me want to hibernate the winter away safe and warmed tucked up beside the fireplace.  The yellow glow from the sun makes me want to take naps during this time of year.

I have to stir myself from the desired slumber and check off my chores.  I hav e birds to provide for if I want to continue seeing them.  They’ll make their usual mess with the seed which a bunny that I haven’t seen thus far helps to clean up the snow.  Winter and time has slowed down once again.  It’s going to seem like a new Spring will never arrive.