The Infamous Minnesota Circle of Death


So they built a roundabout not too far from where I live (the gummys call them “Whirlies”) and of course they perplex some Minnesota drivers.  I learned how to navigate roundabouts when I did my time in the Persian Gulf.  That and I was told that you signal when you were exiting the roundabout so the other drivers knew what you were planning on doing; so I signal my exits as well.

I get some weird stares whenever I signal my exit.  I think that it’s just a common courtesy for the other drivers and the ones trying to get into the roundabout in particular.  But not here.  Most Minnesota drivers that I’ve observed just swoop in and swoop out with without a care in the world which has caused a few near misses for cars trying to get in the roundabout.

Question:  Am I the only one that signals their exits in these circles of death?

Whatcha think???