Thursday Night


I’ve decided to move forward with this project this year.  I had a nice conversation with one firm and have a much better grasp on the rebates and a mucher betterer cost range from similar homes in my area.  I figured out the best way for paying for it and it’s very doable this year.  Now I just need some feedback from my home insurance company to see how it would impact costs down that lane.

I had one negative experience with one person when I talked to them about this.  I won’t go into their snide remarks but I did ask them ” Where the !@%# were you when I was living paycheck to paycheck all of those years?  Oh yeh.  Your happy ass was going to Cancun every winter because you could afford it and you looked down on my poverty.  Well up yours!  It’s my day in the sun now a***ole and I owe you no explanations and it’s too bad for you if you don’t like it!”

Why do people have to be such jerks?  They want to be miserable with theirr life they just want to make you miserable as well.   I think not.  I gave them a parting comment that some of my English friends would so aptly say “Piss off!”