New Years Day


Wow, did this day go by fast!  Once again I did my smoke detector audit for new batteries and the replacement one that one who will not be named somehow managed to break.  I’ll be off to my store of dreams tomorrow to get my supplies and get busy right away so the home is protected.

I also checked my 3 – 5 year home improvement plan and it looks like I can finally afford the very desperately needed kitchen remodel this coming October.  That will be a huge plus up.

Then I spent most of the afternoon researching my major “going green” project by installing a solar power system on the house.  What I was able to come up with is a 6.7 kW system which would potentially give me 106% of my electricity needs each year.  Payback on the system looks like it would take 10 years after energy tax credits.  Everything looks good right now and I can hopefully be able to do that by either late 2021 or early 2022.

That just leaves two minor projects after that which I can have done before I’m 65.  Windows will be replaced but I’ll plan that and budget for it differently over the next 4 – 5 years.  Whew!

Now all that I have to do is to somehow manage to not fall off of any ladders or get hurt in any major way over the next couple years.  Anyone wanna give odds on that?