Random Thoughts for Tuesday

Something positive?  I started vacation today!!!  Time to do the short lil’ fat man dance of joy.  It feels so good to once again be out of that place foe a while.  It’s a joyous thing to save some time so I can take the holidays off and be at home with no reason to go anywhere.  Everyone deserves some time just to kick back and not do anything.


I see Miss Elaine’s wingless tree dragons cleaned out the bird feeder once again.  The age old battle continues.

At least I got some good stuff for my nose.  Let’s see where it takes me.  I’ll be so happy when my ears finally pop.

It always amazes me to be looking outside on a grey sky day just like today and suddenly seeing a couple flakes of snow float by.  Seeing the snow come down always fascinated me when I was a kid.  I still like seeing it but not having to drive in it and especially around here with all of the soccer Dads in there soccer SUVs acting the fool when it snows.

Tonight is pasta night but it’s salted peanuts for an afternoon snack.