Sunday Evening


It’s quiet around here other.  I felt like a brand new empty nester once again.  Even Miss Lily was all out of sorts as my niece was carrying stuff outside to pack into her car.  Must must have thought that I was going some place once again and she was seeking some reassurance that I wasn’t going anywhere on her once again.  She and Big Boy are all settled down once again and are curled up on the floor adjacent to the fireplace.

I looked outside after dinner and gazed at the white in the darkness.  I know I have a cat wandering around out there cuz I saw its footie prints in the snow on my deck.  The mouses are busy in the dark when they think they’re safe.  A bunny is around somewhere cuz its tracks are growing in the snow as the nights slip by.

This is the best time of year but it comes and goes so quickly.  Then winter will finish wrapping its arms around us and make us wish that we could hibernate as well until the new Spring.

Sunday Morning


My niece’s soon to be 3 year old son was having lotsa fun smacking his Uncle Jim with one of them yesterday and was he ever laughing while he did it.  Wee ones can be the best at times and I like having family around as we celebrated the gummy’s birthday and my niece’s departure for home.  So yeh, Saturday was a good day.