Five for Friday


It’s well past that time of week and way late.  Let’s see …

1. I just don’t feel very Christmasy right now.  In fact, I’m feeling way out of sorts.  I still don’t have my Christmas cards mailed.  Maybe it’s because it’s a Friday the 13th.  Maybe it’s because I feel a wee bit of writer’s block.

2. There was a beautiful sunrise in the eastern sky this morning.  Too bad we had overcast skies for the rest of the day but we’ll take what we get when we get it.

3. That icky bad white stuff came down today and it came down in big ol’ Norman Rockwell painting style.  It was nice to look at in the comfort of a heated home.

4. The catering for the girls birthday party fell apart on me today.  I guess there’s no sense with being any more irritated than I was last night when I found out that I had problems.  The Loggie Dog in me had a backup plan just in case everything went south on me.  We’ll be fine.

5. Two more days of work and it’s holiday time off for me.

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